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Hello fellow gamers and WGGCon attendees!

As winter begins to wind down, we turn our thoughts to the upcoming convention season and the summer’s culmination with WGGCon IX. Yes, that’s right, this is our ninth WGGCon coming up. Can you believe it? Well, we can because after 8 years of coming up with t-shirt designs, Elliot and Tanya are tapped out of ideas. So, this year we are going to try a t-shirt design contest!

In the past, our shirts have visited the campgrounds, Dungeons & Dragons, the Forgotten Realms, Gen Con, Star Wars, Star Trek and more. You can see a gallery of all past t-shirts here.

This year, one of you can come up with the design (and win a prize for your efforts…more on that below). As you can see, we like to keep it to a single color to keep costs down, but if you have an idea that uses more colors, let us know. Feel free to use the front of the shirt and you can even have your design encompass something on the back, so long as there is room for:

9th Annual
Croton Point Park, NY
Labor Day Weekend
(and room for our sponsors’ logos)

We would also like to incorporate our traditional logo/mascot, meeple with a hot dog on a roasting stick, somewhere in the design.

Please send your submissions in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Photoshop (.psd) file formats to Elliot <> by June 1, 2017. This gives us enough time to evaluate the designs, pick a winner and get back to you with any ideas that need tweaking. Elliot, Tanya and Alec will pick the winning design to be printed.

Besides getting to see your idea emblazoned across the chests of this year’s WGGCon attendees, the winner will receive two free shirts and the following four games:

Good luck and we’re looking forward to your designs. Please contact us with any questions.

Happy gaming!

Elliot, Tanya, and Alec

Alec Usticke Announcements, WGGCon

IMG_0087The eighth annual WGGCon starts Friday, September 2! We’re expecting a fantastic turnout all weekend long, so please RSVP on Facebook or Meetup (or both). We start Friday at 2:00pm and run around the clock until Monday morning.

Elliot and Alec will be at the con the entire time (minus a couple trips home for showers), so please text or call if you require assistance or have questions:
Elliot: 914-525-6375
Alec: 914-382-7464


We’re once again at the Croton Point Park Rec Hall, and this year we’ve added an enclosed tent with lighting for additional gaming space.

Please see this map for the Rec Hall location within the park. When entering the park, please mention that you’re with the Rec Hall party and you’ll receive a discounted car entrance fee of $5.


We start Friday at 2:00pm and run around the clock until Monday morning. We have to clean up and be out of the Rec Hall by 11:00am on Monday so there won’t be any activity on Monday, but we can game as late as we want on Sunday.

Our world-famous BBQ is on Saturday at 5:00pm. We will also be providing soda/water and snacks during the entire con but feel free to bring anything you don’t mind sharing.

We’ll be projecting movies on a big screen after dark each evening. Popcorn and other snacks will be provided.

You’re also welcome to bring your families even if they’re not gamers. Plenty of people will be bringing their children to enjoy the park. (Kids under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.)

Friday 2:00pm Start
Evening Pot of chili for dinner
After dark Movie
Saturday Noon Contest and demo of Dr. Finn Games (until 8:00pm)
4:45pm Group photo
5:00pm BBQ
6:30pm Game auction
After dark Roasting marshmallows & movie
Sunday 2:00pm Codenames tournament
4:00pm Geek & Gaming Trivia by Westchester Geeks
6:30pm WGGCon raffle drawing
After dark Movie
Monday Morning Cleanup & end

If you’d like to volunteer for a 2-hour time slot to help keep our venue tidy, please see this Facebook post.


Please bring games to play and share. Elliot & Alec will bring games to stock a limited games library; but, if you want to play a particular game, please bring it!

Our main focus is on board and card games, but you’re welcome to play any game that other players are interested in joining.

Dealer Hall

Modern Myths is a WGGCon co-sponsor and hosts boardgaming every Saturday evening. They will be onsite to sell the latest games.

For those who pre-ordered WGGCon t-shirts, Elliot will have those available all weekend. Please wear your shirt for the group photo on Saturday at 4:45pm.

11949485_10153528203525874_6395824322802830716_nGame Auction

Our wildly successful game auction is held on Saturday at 6:30pm (after the BBQ). Please bring any games you’d like to sell. You can download and print the auction form to fill out beforehand or copies will be available to fill out on-site. 10% of the proceeds go toward paying for WGGCon. Buyers may pay cash or credit card (3% fee).

Dr. Finn's GamesDr. Finn’s Games Contest

Dr. Finn’s Games is a WGGCon co-sponsor. Its owner, Steve Finn, is a frequent participant in WGG game nights and has had multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns. He will host a contest and demo his games on Saturday from noon through 8:00pm. Prizes will include games and t-shirts.

Steve will also be offering his games at steeply discounted prices at WGGCon. Contact him at for more info.

13502696_10154180773640874_6690021119932292709_oCodenames Tournament

Jimmy T will be hosting a Codenames tournament starting Sunday at 2:00pm. Teams of two will compete to win copies of Codenames and spiffy medals. Which spymasters will reign supreme?

Geek & Gaming Trivia

Westchester Geeks will be hosting trivia on Sunday at 4:00pm. Questions will cover both gaming and general geekery. Prizes include EndeavorJunta and Gloria Mundi (all new and shrink wrapped; donated by 3rd UniverseJimmy T and Lori Colman). Come test your wits against your fellow geeks!


meeple_stickerWGGCon is paid for entirely with donations. This year’s costs have significantly increased due to higher park fees and renting the tent, but we have faith that our supporters will come through as they have every year.

Our suggested donation is $5-15 per person per day plus $10 for those who join the Saturday BBQ. We don’t have a firm amount, because we’d like people to base their donation on how long they spend with us and how much food/snacks/drinks they consume. If you’re only stopping in one day for a couple hours, feel free to pay $5. If you’re with us around the clock and eat voraciously, then please adjust your donation accordingly.

We also welcome attendees to bring any snacks or food items they’d like to share.

As mentioned above, there’s a $5 per car fee to enter Croton Point Park (please mention you’re with the Rec Hall party for that reduced rate).


As a thank you for those who donate, the following game designers have contributed some fantastic games for our raffle: John Velonis, Steve Finn of Dr. Finn’s Games, Isaac Shalev of Kind FortressAlex Kevern, and Ian Brody of Griggling Games. We’re not selling tickets, but you get a free ticket for every $5 you donate for food and the venue as per above. The games are brand new and shrink wrapped. We’ll draw names Sunday at 6:30pm for each of the six lots; you don’t need to be present to win.

Thanks and see you soon at WGGCon!

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