Westchester Gaming Group (WGG) is an established club that hosts gaming events throughout Westchester County, New York. We have been gaming together since 1998 and have over 2,000 members. Various subgroups play board games and role-playing games (RPGs).

Our board game players meet at various times at different locations throughout the county. We mostly play Euro-style board and card games, such as Catan, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride or a whole variety of more obscure titles. See our Meetup group for all scheduled sessions.

Many of our members attend Gen Con in Indianapolis every year as well as local conventions likeĀ ConnConn/Falcon. We also host our own local convention, WGGCon, every Labor Day weekend at Croton Point Park.

We are always looking for new players for boardgaming and/or RPG campaigns. If you’re interesting in meeting us, please join our Meetup group. You can email Alec if you have questions.

If you host gaming sessions in Westchester and would like to list them in our Meetup group, please contact Alec to be made an Event Organizer.