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Hello fellow gamers and WGGCon attendees!

As winter begins to wind down, we turn our thoughts to the upcoming convention season and the summer’s culmination with WGGCon IX. Yes, that’s right, this is our ninth WGGCon coming up. Can you believe it? Well, we can because after 8 years of coming up with t-shirt designs, Elliot and Tanya are tapped out of ideas. So, this year we are going to try a t-shirt design contest!

In the past, our shirts have visited the campgrounds, Dungeons & Dragons, the Forgotten Realms, Gen Con, Star Wars, Star Trek and more. You can see a gallery of all past t-shirts here.

This year, one of you can come up with the design (and win a prize for your efforts…more on that below). As you can see, we like to keep it to a single color to keep costs down, but if you have an idea that uses more colors, let us know. Feel free to use the front of the shirt and you can even have your design encompass something on the back, so long as there is room for:

9th Annual
Croton Point Park, NY
Labor Day Weekend
(and room for our sponsors’ logos)

We would also like to incorporate our traditional logo/mascot, meeple with a hot dog on a roasting stick, somewhere in the design.

Please send your submissions in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Photoshop (.psd) file formats to Elliot <> by June 1, 2017. This gives us enough time to evaluate the designs, pick a winner and get back to you with any ideas that need tweaking. Elliot, Tanya and Alec will pick the winning design to be printed.

Besides getting to see your idea emblazoned across the chests of this year’s WGGCon attendees, the winner will receive two free shirts and the following four games:

Good luck and we’re looking forward to your designs. Please contact us with any questions.

Happy gaming!

Elliot, Tanya, and Alec

Alec Usticke News

WGG’s very own Bill Murdock is featured in a preview video about Watson, the IBM computing system designed to play Jeopardy. Watch it compete on Jeopardy for three days starting Monday!