WoodForSheep Announcements

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The second annual WGGCon starts Friday! We’re expecting a fantastic turnout all weekend long, so please RSVP on Facebook or Meetup (or both).
We’re once again at Croton Point Park, 1A Croton Point Ave., Croton-on-Hudson, New York.
This year we’re in cabin #2, which is the first cabin on the left as you enter the cabin area. CPP typically charges for parking, but please tell the front gate you’re with cabin #2, so they (hopefully) won’t charge you.
We start at Friday 3:00pm and run around the clock until Monday morning. We have to cleanup and be out of the cabin by 11am on Monday, so there probably won’t be much activity on Monday, but we can game as late as we want on Sunday.
Elliot and Alec will be at the cabin the entire time (minus a couple trips home for showers), so please keep our cell phone numbers in case you need to reach us:
Elliot: 914-525-6375
Alec:  914-382-7464
Texting and email work as well of course.
Our main focus is on board and card games, but you’re welcome to play any game that other players are interested in joining. Please share which games you’re bringing on the meetup message board.
We will have a BBQ on both Saturday and Sunday evenings. We will also be providing soda/water and snacks during the entire con but feel free to bring anything you don’t mind sharing. (There is a fridge in the cabin.) For other meals, we can always order pizza or send someone to a sandwich shop nearby.
We will have a movie night on Saturday beginning around midnight. Popcorn and other snacks will be provided.
You’re also welcome to bring your families even if they’re not gamers. Both Elliot’s & my kids will be there all weekend to enjoy the park.
Dealer Hall
Z-Man Games (Zev) will be onsite on Saturday. If you pre-ordered a game and can’t attend on Saturday, please let me know, and I’ll hold your order for you.
For those who pre-ordered WGGCon t-shirts, Elliot and Tanya will have those all weekend.
WGGCon is officially free, but we will be asking for donations. Thanks to all those who contributed last year, but WGGCon 1 still ended up costing Elliot and me about $100 each. It was money well spent, but hopefully we can get closer to break even this year.
The cabin costs $270 and food, snacks & drinks are a few hundred more, so we’re going to ask for a suggested donation of $15 per person per day for Saturday & Sunday (and maybe $5-10 for Friday?). If you can’t make the BBQ or won’t be around for many hours, feel free to adjust your donation to whatever you want to contribute.
Besides any snacks or food items you wish to bring, the other way you can help out is by bringing folding chairs or tables. There’s plenty of picnic tables outside, but we need to augment the furniture in the cabin.
Thanks and see you at WGGCon soon!