WGGCon 2013 (Details)

Alec Usticke WGGCon

The fifth annual WGGCon starts Friday, August 30! We’re expecting a fantastic turnout all weekend long, so please RSVP on Facebook or Meetup (or both). We start Friday at 2:00pm and run around the clock until Monday morning.

Croton Point ParkLocation

We’re once again at Croton Point Park but have a new, larger space at the Rec Hall with a pool table and arcade games.

There’s plenty of tables and chairs inside, so there’s no fear of rain, and there’s still picnic tables outside if the weather is nice.

Please see this map for the Rec Hall location within the park. When entering the park, please mention that you’re with the Rec Hall party and you’ll receive a discounted car entrance fee of $5.


We start Friday at 2:00pm and run around the clock until Monday morning. We have to clean up and be out of the Rec Hall by 11:00am on Monday, so there probably won’t be much activity on Monday, but we can game as late as we want on Sunday.


Elliot and Alec will be at the cabin the entire time (minus a couple trips home for showers), so please keep our cell phone numbers in case you need to reach us:
Elliot: 914-525-6375
Alec: 914-382-7464

Texting and email work as well of course.


BBQOur main focus is on board and card games, but you’re welcome to play any game that other players are interested in joining.

MoviesWe will have a BBQ on Saturday evening. We will also be providing soda/water and snacks during the entire con but feel free to bring anything you don’t mind sharing. For other meals, we can always order pizza or send someone to a sandwich shop nearby.

We’ll be projecting movies on a big screen after dark each evening. Popcorn and other snacks will be provided.

You’re also welcome to bring your families even if they’re not gamers. Both Elliot’s & Alec’s kids will be there all weekend to enjoy the park.


7433_167066875258_3867059_nPlease bring games to play and share. Elliot & Alec will bring games to stock a limited games library; but, if you want to play a particular game, please bring it!

Dealer Hall

Modern Myths is our sponsor and will be onsite to sell the latest games.

For those who pre-ordered WGGCon t-shirts, Elliot and Tanya will have those all weekend. (Shirts are $20 except for 2XL+ and women’s cut are $23.) Please wear your shirt for the group photo on Saturday.


WGGCon is paid for with donations. We’ve upgraded to the Rec Hall this year, which has substantially increased our costs (from $270 to $750), and we’ll also be providing food, snacks & drinks. Our suggested donation is $5-10 Marshmallowsper person per day plus $5-10 for those who join the Saturday BBQ. We don’t have a firm amount, because we’d like people to base their donation on how long they spend with us and how much food/snacks/drinks they consume. If you’re only stopping in one day for a couple hours, feel free to pay $5. If you’re with us around the clock and eat voraciously, then please adjust your donation accordingly. We’re just a bunch of friends getting together for gaming, so we don’t want to worry about money. Hopefully we break even again like we did last year. (Thanks to all those who contributed!)

We also welcome attendees to bring any snacks or food items they’d like to share.

As mentioned above, there’s a $5 per car fee to enter Croton Point Park (please mention you’re with the Rec Hall party for that reduced rate).


GamesAs a thank you for those who donate, Elliot, John Velonis, Steve Finn & Minion Games have contributed some great games for a raffle. We’re not selling tickets, but you get a free ticket for every $5 you donate for food and the venue as per above. The games are brand new and in shrink wrap. We’ll draw names Sunday night; you don’t have to be present to win.

Thanks and see you at WGGCon soon!